Tammar Gully Wines Mixed 6 Red

The Mixed 6 Red – 6 Bottles Per Case

Enjoy 3 of each of our Red Wine Variety our Mixed 6 Red pack.

3 by 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

We selected just 3.5 tonne of premium fruit from a potential 50 tonne crop. We used 2nd year American oak to produce this delightful wine. We believe you will enjoy the subtle presence of the oak behind the rich fruit.

Colour: The colour is deep and dark with a purple hue.


3 by 2011 Shiraz

his will mature to be our best wine when our reputation for quality is established. The grapes were hand-selected and machine picked from a potential 22 tonne crop, with only 4 tonnes of the most premium quality grapes chosen to make this wine. The fruit from this block, when sold to Goundrey Wines, came within a pinch of being judged the best one year old Red Wine in Australia – the prestigious Jimmy Watson award.

Colour: Deep magenta with purple hues

Aroma: Intense aromas of ripe berry and spice with a hint of toasty oak.


6 bottles in total 

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